Workshops & Talks

Raise awareness and inspire new ways of working with our versatile sessions

Interactive key-note talks are a great way to cascade awareness across a large audience to inspire change. 

Workshops use engagement, breakouts, reflection, and interaction to deliver personalised solutions so your people come away with their own plan for change. 

These evidence-based sessions are engaging and memorable and can be delivered in-person or virtually. Designed from Alessandra La Via’s experience of working in corporate environments and academic study into digital wellbeing, our sessions draw on behavioural science, neuroscience and are practical. Designed to build as part of a healthy digital culture series, you can deliver multiple sessions in your own series.  

Our wide range of topics help your people thrive in a digital workplace. Simply browse our sessions below and get in touch to explore your needs.

Thriving in a Digital age

Use the four steps of digital habit change to reclaim time and attention.

Digital Productivity

Improve focus and boost productivity in an age of digital distraction.

Caring For Your Digital Balance

Reduce stress, digital overload and unleash healthy high performance.

Building Belonging in Remote Teams

Deepen connection and engagement in digital work.

Smart Digital Working

Boost productivity by harnessing asynchronous work, reducing email and meetings.

Re-engineering Remote Meetings

Increase meeting effectiveness and reduce meeting overload.

Social Media Your Way

Scrolling, social comparisons, how can we create a healthy relationship with social media?

Mindfulness in a Digital World

A practical approach to embed mindfulness into busy lives.

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