The voice of digital culture and employee wellbeing.

Our founder, Alessandra La Via is a renowned digital wellbeing keynote speaker and panellist providing leading expertise on one of the most important issues of a generation: the human impact of digital work.

Digital working and its impact performance and retention

With the rise of digital transformation and hybrid work, creating an intentional digital employee experience is now a strategic advantage and the route to healthy, high-performing digital teams. Alessandra’s talks bring these topics to life in an engaging, heartfelt, and evidence-based way, making her one of the key voices on digital culture.

What makes Alessandra a recognised voice on digital culture?

Alessandra La Via brings the topic of digital culture to life in an engaging, heartfelt and evidence-based way, combining her lived experience.

She is an experienced, passionate speaker, speaking from her academic research and years of working with some of the largest global organisations to enhance their digital culture. She has featured on various panel discussions, press events, delivered interviews and talks, to discuss the impact digital wellbeing is having on our culture, and is available for live, pre-recorded, in-person and virtual events.

A speaking format to suit your needs

  • Key-note talks
  •  Panel discussions
  • Interviews and podcasts
  • Company off-sites
  • Live and virtual format

Select from a range of vital topics

  • Shaping Digital Culture: The Power of Data Insights
  • The Future of Work: Digital Wellbeing
  • The Right to Disconnect: Why It Matters and what needs to be done
  • Boosting Digital Productivity: Strategies for Success and Effectiveness in Remote Teams
  • Overcoming Remote Loneliness: The Human Side of Digital Work
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Digital Work: Why It Matters

We have previously spoken with

  • CogX
  •  CIPD Events
  • Global Workplace Wellness Summit
  • Digital Leaders Summit
  •  The science museum
  • Leeds Digital Festival
  • Salford University Workplace Wellbeing Festival
  • EventWell Festival
  • Events with ICAEW, She Break the Law and more


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