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If you are looking to support team wellbeing and performance in an age of digital overload, you are in the right place! Live More Offline is delighted to work with you.

I’m Alex La Via, Digital Culture Consultant and founder of Live More Offline. After a successful career within corporate accounting, I noticed the impact digital technology was having on my work and home life. So I disconnected, flew to Spain and began a 500 mile walk across the Camino de Santiago!

When I returned, I combined my passion and curiosity for mindfulness and neuroscience with extensive academic research and training. Now, I help organisations, universities and charities across the UK to support their teams in creating healthy digital habits. It’s my pleasure to provide you with the valuable tools needed to help you begin your own journey.

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Here are your free resources to help you to take the first steps towards harnessing the exciting vision of a healthy hybrid culture.

A good place to begin: A 30 minute summary explaining why digital wellbeing should be embedded into hybrid work strategies.

A checklist for leaders: Download this PDF for a guide on the hybrid working – including 11 questions to ask yourself right now. We wonder if you have ever thought to ask yourself number seven on this list?

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At Live More Offline we have a wide range of diagnostics and training to enable you to propel your digital culture to create the change you want to see. If you would like to reduce digital overload and increase productivity, we would delighted to offer a free 45 minute discovery call with Alessandra today to design your bespoke approach. Act now and unleash your full potential!


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If you’re looking to create a healthier digital work environment in this new age, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Let us help you achieve a more productive and balanced workplace!