Digital Culture Diagnostic

Digital Culture Diagnostic – the solution to unlocking the potential of your digital workplace

With the rise of hybrid work, leaders are facing a new challenge – a lack of visibility into the challenges their people face in the digital workplace. Our Digital Experiences Survey (DES) provides employees with a voice to communicate the impact of hybrid work on their wellbeing, performance, and human connection. The DES focuses on digital behaviours and beliefs and their impact on key performance indicators. It delves deep into the drivers of a healthy digital culture and is designed to layer on top of and enhance existing employee engagement surveys.

Data is the foundation upon which HR must build its case for organisational change.

Peter Cheese,
CEO of the Chartered Institute
Personal development

Our goal is

to improve performance, creativity, retention, inclusion, and wellbeing in digital workplaces. With the Digital Culture Diagnostic, you can understand your people’s digital experiences and how they impact the metrics which matter to you. With actionable insights, you can confidently implement a transformative programme that enhances employee experience.

What will you  gain?

Firstly, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with tailored recommendations for addressing your people’s most pressing concerns and embedding digital wellbeing within your culture. This will empower you to make data-driven changes that make a difference to your people. Moreover, our report promotes inclusion and helps HR leaders identify and address disparities to create a diverse and empowered workplace where everyone can thrive.

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