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 Workshops for the Career Booster Programme of a West Yorkshire university


A West Yorkshire university’s Career Booster Programme gives students the skills they need compete in the competitive graduate job market. Students receive access to workshops, masterclasses, webinars, lectures and panel sessions on topics ranging from project management to data analysis.

Recognising the growing importance of digital and hybrid work, the university understood the need to equip students with the essential skills to thrive in the future of work.

This session is crucial not only for my future career journey but also for my personal journey. It helped me find ways to recreate my relationship with technology to make it healthier and more productive


Since 2020, Live More Offline has collaborated with the university to deliver workshops that help students develop healthy technology habits. The workshops focus on four core themes: digital wellbeing, digital productivity, human connection, and digital habit change, all designed to equip students with vital skills to benefit them throughout their careers.

Workshop 1: Thriving in a digital age,  demonstrates the impact of digital behaviour on productivity and the value of attention in maintaining focus. The workshop teaches students useful digital habits for better focus, sleep and human connection.

Workshop 2: ‘Virtual connection,’ covers ways to deepen human connection in virtual platforms. Students learn how to get the most out of remote meetings and enhance their efficiency with asynchronous working.

Workshop 3: ‘Wellbeing and balance,’ looks at the impact of the pressure of ‘always-on’ working cultures and how to identify and avoid overload and burnout. By doing so, participants learn how to find their healthy balance with technology.Workshop 4: ‘Digital Pproductivity,’ gives students the skills to reduce distractions and video exhaustion in order to boost focus, creativity and strategic thinking. These are vital skills for working efficiently and gaining more time from the working day.


Year-on-year feedback for Live More Offline’s workshops has been exceptional, resulting in an expansion of the range of topics offered to the Career Booster programme. Students highly appreciate the impact, resulting in positive feedback and ongoing collaboration with the university to bring these vital topics to their student training. 


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