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Improving Digital Wellbeing and Productivity Within a Large Early Careers Programme


The pandemic has propelled many companies to embrace remote working, causing questions about the impact on employee wellbeing and productivity. A large insurance firm was interested about how this change in working patterns had impacted their early careers cohorts in particular, those who had onboarded in a digital and hybrid workplace. They recognised the need to give their early career employees the skills they needed to succeed in their new digital working environment. 

Partnering with Live More Offline, as a result of our demonstrated track record in the early careers training space, they decided to pilot two interactive workshops designed to improve digital productivity and wellbeing.

The session was very engaging and thought provoking. It made me really think about how I approach my own ‘digital wellbeing.


The two workshops were delivered in their London offices, being one of the first times that some of the cohorts were meeting in person. The sessions were designed to provide employees with the skills and strategies needed to improve their digital productivity and wellbeing in a remote working environment.

Workshop 1: Digital Productivity, explored ways to reduce digital distractions to deepen focus, creativity and strategic thinking. This included breaking down the Myth of Multitasking, understanding the Three Modes of Work and introducing smart ways of working with emails and digital settings, to gain more time from the working day.

Workshop 2: Digital Wellbeing and Balance, covered healthy digital habits for individuals and teams. Participants learned how the pressure to be ‘always on’ impacts the body and mind, as well as how to identify and avoid digital overload. They gained practical solutions to reduce out-of-hours emails, exhaustion and create a healthy balance with technology.

The sessions were interactive and engaging, making use of a variety of group and individual exercises, slides, video and flipcharts to create an immersive, engaging and ultimately impactful experience.


The sessions themselves yielded interesting insights, with the trainees having the chance to reflect and challenge their beliefs about digital work. Having the programme sponsor in the room enabled a voice of explicit expectations, empowering the trainees to challenge how they work and how much they needed to be constantly connected. 

The trainees also learnt about how their human brains work and how to harness this to enhance their productivity. 

The feedback from the workshop was overwhelmingly positive, the sessions were found to be engaging and informative. Participants agreed the workshops should be added to their early careers programme in the future, prompting the firm to include digital wellbeing and productivity workshops in their early careers programme going forward. 


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