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A Healthy Digital Culture Series In Action


A large professional services firm identified a need to improve the productivity of their digital working environment and approached Live More Offline to provide solutions to enhance wellbeing, performance and human connection while working digitally.

I would say they are the most useful of wellbeing sessions I have been to. Informative, fun, motivational and inspiring!


In order to meet the needs of the firm, Live More Offline designed the Healthy Digital Culture series of four interactive talks that covered themes of digital wellbeing, productivity, balance and human connection. Each session was attended by between 40 and 70 people.

Talk 1:Introduction to digital wellbeing, is an immersive exploration of the impact of how digital habits affect the working day and approaches to positive transformation of our working environments.

Talk 2: Digital Productivity: Working well with technology, provides insights into overcoming digital distractions and strategies for boosting focus and creativity, to gain more time from the working day.

Talk 3: Digital Wellbeing: Healthy balance and boundaries, demonstrates ways to find a healthy balance with technology and digital work. In doing so, we can learn to deepen wellbeing and avoid the stress of being unable to switch off outside of working hours.

Talk 4: Virtual Connection, covers the vital topics of deepening human connection in remote teams and effective communication, which reduces isolation and improves efficiency in remote working.


The talks were well received, with consistently high feedback across the series. Participants came away from the talks with reassurance that they are not alone in their challenges, inspiration to work together as a team to create healthy digital norms and practical first steps for enhancing wellbeing, performance and human connection.

Leaders gained valuable insights into how their teams are experiencing the issues of remote working using interactive polling tools, empowerment for creating meaningful change for both individuals and teams and awareness of the need to talk about digital wellbeing and lead by example.

After the success in their West Yorkshire region, the company went on to run the series in their Midlands, London and West regions. The series consistently received high feedback and this enabled the company to cascade immediate changes across a wide audience to raise awareness, inspired changes and care for wellbeing in digital work throughout the pandemic. 


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