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  • The 4-day working week and you

    The 5-day working week is such a strong cultural norm that we often take it for granted that it’s always been that way. In fact,...

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  • Reclaim your peace of mind by hiding self-view on video calls

    One of the most surprising ways that videocalls have changed our lives comes from one small feature that has become so much a part of...

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  • Innovative working patterns and digital wellbeing in the financial services

    Live More Offline had the privilege of presenting at the FinTech North Leeds Conference 2023. We take great pride in being part of this community....

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  • Burnout and digital culture in the legal profession

    We’re raising awareness about the impact of burnout in digital working environments. Digital overworking is becoming a high-profile issue, with the Labour party recently announcing...

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  • Coping with Digital Distractions

    It is no wonder many of us are finding it a challenge to create balance and focus on our daily activities. The digital device that...

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  • How your organisation can move to a 4-day working week – and still get all the work done

    How your organisation can move to a 4-day working week – and still get all the work done Wondering how you can move to a...

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  • Building a Healthy Digital Workplace Culture

    Practical tips for building a healthy digital culture in the workplace of the future Now more than ever we need to be paying attention to...

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  • Making hybrid work for you: 7 steps to get the most out of hybrid work

    Hybrid working patterns are the future of work. As of January 2023, the proportion of days worked from home among US companies has stabilised at...

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  • Why you need to add the emerging topic of digital wellbeing to your World Mental Health Day plans

    It’s World Mental Health Day on 10th October, and if you don’t already have plans for the biggest mental health awareness day of the year,...

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