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Alessandra La Via

Founder of Live More Offline

Alessandra is our founder and specialist in workplace digital wellbeing. Coming from a Big4 accountancy background and academic study into the impact of technology on workplace wellbeing. Founding Live More Offline, she brought together her curiosity of the impact of digital technology on human wellbeing and passion for data-led change to create a future where leaders leverage data and training for their people to thrive in digital work. 

She has a deep connection with the Yorkshire Dales, where she can be found wild swimming and soaking up the trees and dry stone walls.

You can read more about Alessandra’s story here

Alon Ratner

Growth and Innovation Manager

Alon Ratner comes from a science and engineering background, with a focus on industrial research and development. As a technologist, he shares Live More Offline’s belief in the power of data-driven insights for helping smart people to achieve great things.

Alon reaches people through the written word and process. As a Growth and Innovation Manager, he contributes to project delivery, business development and opportunities for innovation.

Alon loves working on the land and reconnecting with nature.

Dani Blue


Dani Blue joins us from an acting, musical and sports coaching background and specialises in communication.

 Dani helps teams and individuals successfully reach their audience by making sure their content is delivered optimally. This results in impactful connection and in turn a stronger and more memorable message, enabling them to deliver results that matter.

She brings comms experience to facilitate sessions with LMO both virtually and in person, and is the voice of the LMO e-learning videos.

 Dani can be found riding her motorbike and surf-skating around London on sunny days.

Kate Baines

Executive Assistant

Kate has over 20 years experience working in Corporate Financial Services at a senior level position, and brings with her a wealth of experience in project management and organising workshops and training for clients of LMO. 

An enthusiastic equestrian, in her spare time she can be found at the stables training her horse ready for competing. 

John Kinsey

Data Protection Officer

John is a Data Protection and Information Security compliance specialist. With a significant engineer background as well as project delivery and management, John combines these experiences to be an effective and realistic compliance guide. Background in higher education, teaching, research, commercial, charitable and hospitality operations.

Alexis Ridler

Technical Advisor

Alexis advises on the technical direction of our software procurement, delivery, and partnering delivery, and occasionally even dusts off his coding skills when we need a style sheet changing.  Specialising in data-driven solutions, he brings with him a wealth of experience in software development, design, and delivery across an array of industries, helping us to develop technology that makes a difference.  In his spare time Alexis plays baritone sax and arranges music for his five-member quartet.

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