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About Us

Our Story

LMO was born from the vision that we need to renegotiate our relationship with technology at work. We believe in a digital future, but one where we intentionally design digital workplaces to support human thriving. 

Our founder Alessandra La Via started her career as a corporate accountant in the Big4 before moving to FTSE 250/FTSE 100 head offices. In her successful career, she came to experience first-hand the impact of the ‘always on’ culture on wellbeing. Having suffered from Bell’s Palsy due to workplace burnout, she took a break from her career to find balance. 

Setting off alone, Alessandra walked 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Noticing the difference in herself, she connected with her passion for helping others to find healthier ways of working in our digital age. She began academic study into the subject, which resulted in invitations to speak at various large organisations. Live More Offline, the digital culture consultancy, was born.

Our Team

Led by Founding Director Alessandra La Via, LMO has a diverse team of experts with a wealth of knowledge across the corporate sector from finance to data analysis, workshop delivery and innovation. 

Together, we have kept the passion and insights found on the trail in Spain. Six years later, we have worked with some of the largest global organisations and inspirational charities and universities to create healthier digital cultures.

Our LMO team are passionate about data-informed change and providing clients with an exceptional service is what we are all about. You will find our team working seamlessly alongside people leaders and HR leads to drive healthy high performance in a digital world of work.

Our Values

We envision a future where leaders are empowered by data and training to re-negotiate their team’s relationship with technology. A future where society enjoys greater wellbeing, performance and belonging within digital workplaces. 

Our values are at the heart of our business and guide everything we do.

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If you’re looking to create a healthier digital work environment in this new age, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Let us help you achieve a more productive and balanced workplace!