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As human beings, when our deepest human needs are met at work, we thrive with enhanced performance and wellbeing. From video call exhaustion, loneliness in remote teams, digitally distracted working environments and ‘always-on’ working, the human impact of digital work is a growing concern. With Live More Offline’s five building blocks, you can create a tailored approach to diagnostic and training  – one as unique as your team 

Discover the Impact of Digital Work

Uncover how your employees actually experience your digital culture and the impact this has on your KPI’s with our unique Digital Culture Diagnostic. From time lost to ineffective meetings, whether people are ‘always-on’ or lonely, identify areas where your organisation can improve to create a healthier and more productive digital culture for all. You can also choose to provide your people instant access to learning modules tailored to their needs, with our optional personalised learning pathways. Let us help you create a healthy digital culture, powered by data.

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Empower Your Team with Tailored Training

Boost digital wellbeing, performance, and retention by addressing the human challenges of digital working. Did you know that 28% of knowledge work is lost to distractions? Yet only 14% of companies have workshops or messaging promoting focus or discouraging multitasking. 

From video call exhaustion, always-on working, remote loneliness, inclusion in digital work and digital distractions, we provide your team with the necessary tools to ensure your workplace is a place where everyone thrives. Our training solutions are flexible and customisable to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a keynote talk or a culture change programme, our five building blocks can help you create a bespoke approach that’s as unique as your team.

Belonging, wellbeing, productivity and inclusion

Digital work brings human challenges


of knowledge work is lost to distraction (The Economic Intelligence Unit)


believe working from home blurs the lines between work and home life (Aetna International, 2021)


Of UK workers feel lonely in digital work, but only 8% would tell their manager (Hall & Partners, 2022)

Invest in the wellbeing of your people in a way which delivers

Deloitte reports that investing in mental health support in the workplace generates a 5:1 return on investment. This increases to 7.3:1 when targeted towards at-risk groups. The World Health Organisation and CIPD recommend training on digital etiquette for good reason, and our solutions help you tackle the various challenges of digital work

Together, you can harness the benefits of a data-driven approach to digital wellbeing, to improve performance in digital work, retain your people, and create an environment where everyone thrives.

This is most important opportunity in living memory to change the way we all work for the better

Richard di Benedetto,
President at Aetna Int’l

How many employees are in your workplace?

Ours and other organisations’ research shows that you could be experiencing an annual cost of:

due to workplace loneliness (DCMS, 2020) (British Red Cross 2023)


from time lost to ineffective or unnecessary video calls (Live More Offline, 2023)


caused by mental ill-health in the workplace (Deloitte, 2022)

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